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Coaching Program

We're all familiar with the concept of "coaching" as it applies to the world of sports. Without exception, behind every Olympic or National sports star, is an invisible coach who relentlessly framed this superstar for success. Someone who took the raw potential and talent, and channeled it into the winning edge. A coach marries focus with accountability.

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Platinum Program

Current members use it to work fewer hours than just about any real estate agent we know who makes over $200,000. Of course, on average, Platinum members make $750,000 each year (with many making well over $1 Million annually.) They use it to work with less stress, strain, struggle, and frustration to grow a truly successful real estate business.

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Craig's Inner Circle

Other trainers push you to do more cold calling, more open houses, more begging your friends and family, spend more money on dumb advertising, and work more hours. Although I'll teach you how to sell much more real estate and make way more money, I'll show you how to do this while spending and doing less.

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